Installation instructions

Aerotwin windshield wiper retrofit


For a more modern design and better wiping performance in precipitation, you can convert your T5 to Aerotwin windshield wipers. We offer you the right set for this here.

The following is required for the conversion:

Open the hood and remove the two protective caps on the hub of the windscreen wiper. A small flat-blade screwdriver is suitable for this.

Underneath you will find a nut that holds the windshield wiper on the toothing. Both nuts must be loosened using a 13 mm AF wrench.

The old windshield wipers tend to sit very tightly on the hub splines. You can press on the windshield wiper joint with a little feeling and then try to lever the wiper arm off the hub with a large wrench.

As soon as both arms have been dismantled, both gear teeth must be thoroughly cleaned.

Now you can place the new wiper arms with the already fitted wiper blades on the hubs and align them to the correct position.

Now tighten the nuts again and place the protective caps on the hub ends.

Close the hood and look forward to the next rain shower... 😉