Installation instructions

Floor extension


In order to be able to extend the large cupboard with two shelves in the VW T5, T6 and T6.1 California, we offer a set for retrofitting in our store.

The following is required for installation:

Clear out your cupboard and clean the inside walls with a universal cleaner.

Floor extension

Clean the aluminum brackets thoroughly with a grease-dissolving cleaner (brake cleaner).

For a stable installation not all angles must be completely taped. Please follow the illustration to ensure that the adhesive tape supplied is sufficient.

Then you can apply the enclosed adhesive tape to the outside of the holder as shown in the illustration. Press on firmly after positioning.

Measure 34 cm from the lower base plate (in which the safe is embedded) and 56 cm upwards and mark the two walls to which the brackets will be glued in the next step.

Remove the cover of the 3M adhesive tape from the lower holders and position them with the upper edge on the marked areas (Caution: The adhesive tape can no longer be adjusted afterwards. The position should be correct the first time you put it on).

The lower base plate is also fixed in place using the 3M adhesive tapes supplied.

As soon as the lower panel is attached, the rear bracket for the upper panel can be fixed to its mark on the side wall.

The top plate must be held at the top and the fourth holder must be fixed in position at the same time. A second person is helpful for this step. Ensure that the plate is positioned correctly here too.

And the newly gained storage space can now be used.

Have fun putting it away!