BE-Vanlife on Lake Como

North-Wind Camping

Where did the idea for BE-Vanlife come from?

BE-Vanlife is an idea that has been buzzing around in our heads for several years. We wanted to find a way to combine our two greatest passions - that for engines and that for VW buses, but also that for Italy and the Lake Como.

We took these three passions and combined them with a lot of dedication during sleepless nights in front of a MacBook screen. This is how the German-born and partly German-raised "George Clooney's Lake" project takes shape.

Working vacation at the North Wind campsite in Domaso

Yes, on an Italian Campsite on Lake Como the idea of BE-Vanlife really took shape. For several years now, we have been regular guests at the Camping North Wind in Domaso and spend our vacation at the beautiful Lake Como .

And there, equipped with notebooks and an Internet connection, we have, in addition to our VW T3 van our ideas, and the project that went online a few weeks ago has seen the light of day.

What better place to spend a business vacation than on nearby Lake Como, to relax and be inspired by nature at the same time, the Domaso surrounds?

Typical Italian warm welcome

The fact that we opted for the family-run campsite North Wind as a vacation destination proved to be a good decision. Daniele and Marco are not only the managers of the campsite, but have also become good friends in the long run. They were delighted when they discovered that we were setting up our new business on their campsite during our stay.

With their typical, warm Italian style they immediately became curious about our new work adventure and provided us with everything we needed.

Although in reality everything necessary to find the right inspiration was already in place: a spacious Lake front square with a wonderful view of the mountains of the Alto Lario, the beauty of the surrounding nature and the pleasant breeze of Breva.

And it is precisely the Breva, the typical thermal wind that blows on Lake Como in summer, that has enabled windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts to work under the typical Italian summer sun.

Relaxing and mobile working in Domaso on board our van

At a time when we hear so much about smart working, remote working and agile working, we took the opportunity to return to our long-time friends Daniele and Marco - leaders of the family-run Camping North Wind in Domaso.

Between a boat trip and a water ski ride, between a typical Italian dinner and a nice walk along the lake promenade, between a wake-up call at dawn to enjoy a good coffee in front of our van at sunrise and an aperitif on the beach at sunset, we also found time to work 🙂

If you are traveling to Italy and during your stay you need a Accommodation on Lake Como search, "Camping North Wind is the answer".

In case you're wondering - no, this post is not sponsored by the campsite. We would like to warmly recommend the campsite, because it is also thanks to the management and our reception there that the BE-Vanlife project has seen the light of day.

There's a bit of North Wind in BE-Vanlife 🙂

Many thanks Comolake.Style

We would like to Luca from Comolake.Stylewho helped us with the original Italian version of the article you have just read.

See you soon!